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Wide variety of inventive assignments from independent artist/video clip director/game developer


Have you ever wanted a distinctive, handmade artwork as a gift or decoration on your wall, a single that is customized especially for you, and which is also inexpensive? I have observed hundreds of individualized art distributors and most of them cost above a hundred pounds for a modest operate. The shop linked to TriumphantArtists.com, however, can currently offer you you a particular, produced to purchase art merchandise ranging from little performs below $10 to spectacularly large and in depth kinds for underneath $fifty. And if that's not inexpensive enough for you, there are even auctions on eBay with starting bids in the ninety nine cent selection. That implies a dollar, for handcrafted artwork made with oil pastel or coloured pencil, acrylics or gouache watercolors. And much better yet, delivery is cost-free inside the Usa. The vendor is using a decline proper now, and performing this a lot more as a interest than as a rewarding organization at the moment, but has over 195 scores on eBay, all constructive, one hundred% of them, so this may possibly be well worth a look. The only obvious downside is that the rates are likely to rise relatively during 2018, but for now it truly is a surprising and pretty promising deal. The web site is TriumphantArtists.com, and the seller is an artist from Texas named Matthew Hornbostel. You might want to just take a appear at Triumphant Artists now, ahead of the sale prices go up!

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